MetaX Game public beta test with 65ETH Prize

#MetaX Game Bounty Beta Contest# Are you a metaverse super player? If yes, join us the MetaX Game bounty beta test. Total 200,000 USDT Super Prize Pool! Date of competition: 16/4/2022 at 08:00(EST)— 21/4/2022 at 20:00(EST) How to participate in the event: Players can participate in the MetaX Game April Bounty Beta Contest in the […]

Parallel expansion of the public chain blockchain intelligent voting system KSC will be launched soon

It is official news that the community governance protocol blockchain intelligent voting system KSC will be launched soon. Based on the underlying technology of AysChian, KSC and AysChian data exchange, data switching, and parallel interaction with AysChian are realized through the ARC-20 smart contract. Public network platform. KSC runs on AysChain and Ethereum, and supports […]

From The bottom to The Application, F.DAO Metaverse Decision Service Platform Will be Officially Launched on April 14

Meta Finance DAO platform (F.DAO for short), a DAO protocol decision-making service platform jointly sponsored by BSC’s bottom public blockchain technology studio, ETH Layer 2 governance community, and covering Microsoft, Google VR engine development service providers in traditional industries, A16Z and Blackstone Capital’s fund institutions, will be officially launched on April 14. F.DAO is a […]

VITAMINE co-sponsored the BTC 2022 Conference and achieved gratifying results

· VITAMINE co-sponsor the Bitcoin Conference (BTC) 2022 in Miami · Leading industry event attracted huge interest on- and offline · VITAMINE achieved its aim to expand its brand awareness and presence within the cryptocurrency community. As a BTC co-sponsor, VITAMINE increased its brand’s visibility and got in front of over 35,000 bitcoin users attending this year’s event […]

Silicoin and MetaHero held an AMA on Discord

Many of our Silicoin members are very interested in the upcoming game, could you please briefly introduce MetaHero? MetaHero: MetaHero is a classic, unique tower defense game based on BSC Staking, combined with “TCG, races, simulation, mining, Staking, SWAP, DeFi, NFT, DAO,” where you take your team of heroes on adventures and build on each other. […]

MetaHero AMA announced

Newsletter title: MetaHero and Silicoin successfully held AMA on April 9th content: On April 9th, MetaHero and Silicoin successfully held an AMA in the Silicoin Discord community, with more than 10,000 people interacting, and airdrop rewards were issued to some active members. William attended the event on behalf of MetaHero, answered questions from the host […]

MetaHero chain game advanced cheat full collection – teach you to play to earn GameFi quickly, HSPC get your hands on!!!

MetaHero is a fine game that combines hero synthesis, character upgrade, stand defense, and earn while playing, with the background of defending the human tribe and defending against monster attacks. In the game, players can buy treasure chests and complete level defense to get hero characters (NFT) to participate in the game to play for […]