Decentralized trading platform Orbits products are widely recognized, and community ambassadors jointly build a global community

Orbits, a decentralized trading platform, is becoming a new project that has attracted much attention in the web3 industry. Orbits is a multi-chain order book decentralized trading platform based on zk snarks technology. With layer-2 and ZK-SNARKS technology, platform transactions can be confirmed immediately, and the cost can be reduced to $0.01.   Orbits supports […]

2023 Blockchain blockbuster news: DBL (dao) decentralized bond laboratory has been supported by many well-known investment institutions

Recently, the decentralized debt laboratory DBL (dao) announced that DBL (dao) has been supported by a number of well-known institutions, led by Bixin Ventures and Dubai Future Foundation Dubai Future Foundatio. With its forward-looking strategic vision and strong technical strength, DBL (dao) has won the recognition and strategic support of many star organizations led by […]

ProTradex Empowers and Blesses “FOCUS 2023 MACAO Web3 Builders Consensus Summit” Successfully Concluded

On April 3, the FOCUS 2023 MACAO Web3 Builders Consensus Summit led by ProTradex was successfully held in Macau. With the theme of “Riding the Wind and Waves, Focusing on Web3”, the conference deeply explored the theory and practice of Web3.0 innovation, shared excellent cases of Web3 applications represented by ProTradex, and explored the opportunities and […]