To warmly celebrate Privacy and anonymous digital asset Wkgcoin listed on Hotcoin (hot currency exchange)

The world’s first private and anonymous public chain Wkgcoin will be officially launched on Hotcoin (hot currency exchange) on January 25, 2022. A rising star born in October 2020, WKGcoin focuses on privacy, decentralization and scalability. Unlike many cryptocurrencies derived from Bitcoin, Wkgcoin is based on the CryptoNote protocol and has its own independent algorithm, […]

Voice Street held a YouTube live roundtable with peers discussed about how blockchain will change the music industry

Host: James Tylee Guests: Voice Street CMO Pedro, blockchain expert and senior investor Yuen Wong, Corite CEO and founder Mattias, Korean American singer and music producer Kevin Shin. At 19:00SGT (UTC+8) on 13 January 2022, Voice Street hosted a live YouTube roundtable discussion on “How Blockchain will Change the Music Industry”. The roundtable discussion was moderated by […]

Defend Zerus Games On BSC

The people of Zerus lived a peaceful life. Until one day, an interstellar portal appeared in the desert of Zerus, a large number of alien creatures appeared form the portal. Thence, Zerus began to be in war era. With more and more invaders, the defensive circle of the aboriginal people of Zerus was getting smaller […]

Biking Not only enhance product competitiveness internally, but also market externally to help overcome obstacles in numerous Exchanges

Nowadays global blockchain-related products are flourishing, compared with the affected by the majority of the industry, which is still in a “dividend period”. At the same time, there are thousands of trading platforms around the world to provide various types of digital asset trading services.Thus, how to stand out in the fierce competition among peers […]

BetaMars Has Received An Investment From GameMine Capital

According to official news, BetaMars has raised an investment from GameMine Capital on January 4th, 2022, both working together to promote further project construction. Beforehand, BetaMars has received investments from HOT DAO, Youbi Capital, and Pluto Capital. Source: Twitter @Betamars2025 BetaMars is a metaverse project jointly created by a top encryption team, whose members are […]

Fast and furious deflagrating, the world’s first metaverse racing game FASTRACING is on the verge of breaking out

F1, FIA Formula 1 World Championship, is the highest level annual series of field racing competitions held by Fédé ration Internationale del’Automobile (FIA). It is the highest level of racing competition in the world. It is called “three major sports events in the world” together with the Olympic Games and the World Cup. FASTRACING is […]