Ceres DAO:“New Paradigm” of Ventures DAO

There is a saying in the crypto industry that 2022 will be the leap year of DAO. DAO has come under the spotlight of the crypto world. As people discovered the crypto world, Ventures DAO started to shine, attracting KOL’s attention. For example, Mark Cuban, a billionaire entrepreneur, has called “DAO” the ultimate combination of […]

Qicai Community focuses on blockchain one-stop service

Founded in February 2021, Qicai Community is a one-stop service community focusing on blockchain, which was founded by a group of digital asset enthusiasts led by Ringer, a big cousin. It is committed to building a world-class blockchain service platform, focusing on the operation, construction, and development of blockchain in China and overseas markets. Its […]

Full ecological crypto asset trading platform – CXEX

Since the new launching of the CXEX.com platform, the number of registrations and transactions has been increasing day by day, and the experience of using the platform are satisfied by users, marketers, project developers, etc. According to analysis, CXEX.com is positioned as a new generation full-ecological encrypted asset trading platform. They come with Spot wallet, […]

AMAZING PANDAVERSE : Pioneer, Practitioner, Promoter

When the artistic attributes of Chaowan and the unique value attributes of NFTs will inevitably collide with bright sparks. When everyone is still struggling to explore the NFT scene in the encrypted world, or when chasing the FOMO frenzy of “Tugou”. Some people have mapped the scene ecology of NFT to the physical world, and […]